Can You Use Facebook Marketplace Without an Account?

No, you cannot use Facebook Marketplace without an account.

In fact, you aren’t allowed to even browse through products on Facebook Marketplace without an account. You’ll be forced to either sign up or log in to Facebook to access the Marketplace.

Having an account proves your authenticity which Facebook requires to be able to buy or sell on their marketplace. Facebook also requires your location to display products offered in your community.

Even with an account, some users might still not be able to access Facebook Marketplace. This depends on:

  • Your location: Facebook Marketplace is available in around 70 countries. If your country or current location isn’t on the list of supported markets, you can’t access Facebook Marketplace.
  • Your age: To access Facebook Marketplace, you need to be at least 18 years old.
  • New account: Sometimes, Facebook restricts new accounts from using Marketplace. They’re given access after daily use of Facebook for a few weeks to months.
  • Policy violation: Facebook removes your access to Marketplace if you violate Facebook’s Commerce Policies or Community Standards.

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