What Happens When You Report a Seller on Facebook Marketplace?

There are 800 million+ users on the Facebook Marketplace buying or selling goods. Therefore, it’s only natural to come across some deceptive sellers. Reporting these sellers helps Facebook stop them from cheating other buyers.

This guide shows you how to report a seller if you’ve been scammed, or have come across a suspicious listing.

When Can You Report a Seller on Facebook Marketplace?

We’ll also enlist the reasons for reporting a seller on Facebook Marketplace so that your claim is valid. This is because Facebook states that if a buyer files fraudulent claims, they may not be able to buy or sell on the Marketplace.

You can report a seller on Facebook Marketplace if they violate Commerce Policies or commit fraud.

As per Commerce Policies, Marketplace listings must comply with community standards and should not promote the use of products like alcohol, fake government ID, and hazardous goods.

You can report a seller if they violate community standards such as:

  • They gave you false contact details.
  • They sent you a threatening or abusive message.
  • They shared or solicited your personal information, such as your social security or passport number.
  • They sell products that violate intellectual property rights.

This isn’t an exhaustive list; you can read the rest of the policies here.

If you’ve purchased an item using Checkout on Facebook, you can report the seller if:

  • An item was not received.
  • The product is damaged or significantly varies from the images.
  • The seller is not responding to your messages.
  • The seller is not following their refund policy.

You can also file a claim with Facebook if a seller doesn’t respond or resolve your issue within two working days.

What Happens When You Report a Seller on Facebook Marketplace?

Report a seller
Report a seller on Facebook Marketplace

The seller’s ads are restricted, and their account is placed under review.

They can’t buy or sell on Facebook Marketplace and Buy and Sell groups until the investigation is complete. Sellers also can’t update tracking numbers to existing orders or delete listings.

If Facebook finds the seller guilty of breaching their contract, Facebook will suspend their account and then ban them permanently.

However, sellers can request a review and appeal the suspension after their account is locked.

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