How to View All the Google Forms You Responded to

There is no option that allows you to view all previous Google Forms you’ve responded to. However, you might have received a copy of the form in your email when you completed it. Alternatively, you can try finding the form in your browser history.

Method #1: View filled-out Google Forms in your email

The first option lets you view the Google Form questions and your filled-out responses in your email. However, this option is only available if you received the form in your email in the first place.

For that to happen, the creator must have enabled the Send responders a copy of their responses option. Additionally, there may have been a box at the end of the form which allows you to get a copy:

Request copy
Check the box to request a copy of your response.
  1. To view the response, sign in to the email account you used to complete the form. Most likely, this will be your Gmail account.
  2. Click the filter icon on the right of the search bar to access more search options.

    Search filter
    Select Search filters.

  3. In the From field, enter “[email protected]”.

    Type [email protected] in the From field.

  4. You can add additional filters (for example, the form title), but this is not necessary. Now, click on Search.
    Click on Search after adding filters.

    You can view all the Google Forms sent to you via email.

    Desired Response
    View all Google Forms sent to your email.

Method #2: Find the Google Form in your history

If you haven’t received a copy of your response to your email, you can still view the questions included in the form. However, this method won’t allow you to view your responses.

To use this method:

  • You must not have deleted your history on your browser
  • The Google Form must still be open for new responses

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the history of the browser you used to fill in the Google Form. For example, I am using Google Chrome.

    Go to the history of your Google account.

  2. Search for “Google Forms” in your Search history, or scroll down to find the form you’re looking for. Then, right-click on it and select Open link in new tab.
    Open in New Tab
    Open the Google Form.
    Unfilled form
    Google Forms will open.

    You will now be able to view the original Google Form.

    Note: If the form creator has set the “limit to one response” option, it will prevent you from seeing the form. If this happens, copy and paste the form’s URL and open it in a different browser to view it.

    Limit to 1 Response
    Open the form link in another browser to view it.

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