How to Share a Google Form

After creating a Google Form, you must share it with respondents and collaborators. When you share your form with collaborators, they can make changes, while respondents can only fill out the form.

Here, we provide a step-by-step guide for sharing a Google Form with both collaborators and respondents.

Sharing a Google Form with Collaborators

To share a form with a collaborator, follow these steps.

  1. Go to your form on Google Forms.
  2. Select the form which you want to share.

    google forms website homepage
    Select the form you want to share.

  3. Click on the three-dot icon in the “top-right corner” (besides your profile picture).

    google form more icon
    Click the three-dot icon.

  4. Select Add Collaborators.

    Google form add collaborators
    Click on Add Collaborators.

  5. You can add specific people to your form as collaborators by entering their email addresses and clicking on Send.

    Add people to Google form
    Add collaborators to Google form.

  6. Under “General Access,” you can set the access of your form either as    Restricted or Anyone with the link. When you choose Restricted, only people you’ve added as collaborators can access the form. The other option allows anyone to access it through the link.

    Google form general access
    Set the access as Restricted or Anyone with the link.

  7. Copy the URL through the Copy link button and click on Done.

    Google form copy collaborator link
    Copy the link and click on Done.

  8. You can then share the copied link with anyone you want through email, social media, etc.

Sharing a Google Form with Respondents

You can also share the Google form with respondents, who will not be allowed to make changes to the form. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Go to Google Sbeets and open the form you want to share.
  2. Click on the Send button located in the top-right corner. Google Forms provides multiple ways to share the form with respondents.

    Google form send
    Click on Send button.

  3. First, you can share the form via email. Enter the recipient’s email address, subject, and message.

    send Google form email
    Enter the email address, subject, and message to share the form.

  4. Check Include form in email to let recipients fill the form directly from their inbox.
  5. To share the form via URL, click on the link icon. Here, you can directly copy the link or shorten it before copying.

    Copy the URL of the Google form.

  6. If you want to embed the form to your website, click on the embed icon, specify the dimensions of the embedded form, and click on Copy.
    send Google form embed
    Copy the HTML code to embed the form on your website.

    This copies the HTML code to your clipboard, which you can use to add the form to your website.

  7. Lastly, you can share the Google Form directly on Facebook or Twitter using the social media buttons on the right side of the screen. Clicking on these buttons opens Facebook or Twitter, where you can post the link to the form.

    send Google form Facebook Twitter
    Share the form on social media.

  8. If you wish, you can turn on the Collect emails options at the top-left to gather the respondents’ email addresses.

    collect email Google form
    Collect the email addresses of recipients.

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