How to See Responses on Google Forms

Google Forms allows you to receive and manage responses to your forms quite easily. This guide shows you multiple ways to view your Google form responses.

Google Forms Responses Tab

  1. Open your Google Form and click on the Responses Tab at the top of the page. This allows you to see who has responded to your form.

    Response recieved
    View responses from the Responses tab.

  2. There are three ways to view responses: Summary, Question, and Individual. Summary results show you the overall result of responses at a glance. Question responses lets you see answers to specific questions you have on your form. Individual responses let you examine how each respondent answered your survey questions. Kinds of responsesDifferent ways to view responses.
  3. Click on the Summary option in the “Responses tab” to visualize responses based on the question type. For instance, the responses to paragraph questions are represented as lists, multiple-choice questions as pie charts, and checkboxes as progression bars.
Progression bar
Progression bar showing results graphically.


Graphical representation ( Charts )
Visual representation in the form of charts.

Enabling Email Notifications for Responses

In the top right corner of the “Responses tab”, there is a “three-dots menu”. You can manage whether to receive email notifications for new responses or not by selecting an option from this menu.

Email notification
Enable email notification here.

Downloading and Printing Responses

The Responses Tab also includes the option to download and print the responses directly.

Print and Download response
Click here to download and print the response.

Deleting Responses

If you want to delete all the responses, you can do so from the “three-dots menu” in the “Responses Tab”.

Creating the Responses Spreadsheet

Under the Responses Tab, you can create a new or existing spreadsheet. It automatically fills the sheet with the responses, so you can quickly view them.

Responses in sheets.
View responses in sheets.

Managing Responses

If you’re no longer accepting responses, you can toggle off Accepting responses. This button is located at the top of the page in the “Responses tab”.

Duration to accept responses
Manage the time to accept responses here.

With Google Forms, you can decide whether to allow editing responses after submission and multiple submissions from a single account. You can change these settings by scrolling down to the “Responses” menu in the “Settings” tab at the top of the page.

Allow multiple responses
Manage other response settings from here.

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