How to Create a Survey on Google Forms

Google Forms is a useful tool for conducting surveys for research or collecting feedback. It has a simple UI for respondents and is very easy to use.

This guide shows you how to create a professional-looking survey on Google Forms quickly. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a new Google Form

  1. Go to Google Forms. Click to open the plus icon to create a new form.

    Plus Icon
    Click on the plus icon to create a new form.

  2. Add a relevant title and description to describe your survey.

    Title and Description.
    Insert survey title and description.

Step 2: Add questions to your form

  1. Insert questions into your form. There are different types of questions, like checkbox, short answer, linear scale, etc. You can select the type of question from the drop-down menu next to the question.
    Question and Answer
    Add questions and choose the format of answers.

    You will have to add answer fields for almost all types of questions (except for short answers and paragraphs). This means users have to select from options you give them unless you add the Other field.

    Type in the options available for users.

  2. To add another question, click the plus icon at the top of the vertical menu. You can also insert images and videos using the vertical menu.

    Add Question
    Add more questions from here.

  3. You can divide the form into sections by clicking on the two rectangular icons at the end of the vertical menu. You can specify the title and description of each section.

    Divide sections
    Divide your form into sections.

  4. Toggle the Required button right to make a question mandatory to answer. You have to do it separately for each question.

    Required button
    Toggle the Required option to make questions mandatory.

  5. If you want to duplicate a question, click the Duplicate icon at the bottom. To delete a question, click the trash icon instead.Trash and copy Duplicate or delete a question.

Step 3: Customize the appearance of the survey

You can change the theme of the survey. Click on the palette icon at the top of the form and customize the font, color, and header image.

Palatte Icon
Customize the appearance of your form.

Step 4: Change survey settings

First, go to the Settings tab.

Collect email
Settings tab.

You might want to limit each person to one response or want them to log in before filling out the form. In this case, toggle on the Limit to 1 response button under “Responses”.

If you want to collect the email addresses of respondents to your survey, slide the button to the right of the Collect email addresses by default option.

Step 5: Finalize the survey and send it to respondents

  1. Click on the Preview icon to review your form before sharing.

    Click on the Preview icon.

  2. When ready, it’s time to share your survey. Click the Send button on the top left to get the survey link, as well as options to send it by email or embed it into a website.

    Click Send to share your survey.

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