How to Create a Quiz in Google Forms

To asses the knowledge of your students or employees, you can use an online platform to create custom quizzes. With Google Forms, you can easily create varying types of simple and advanced quizzes.

  1. Go to Google Forms.
  2. Click on the Blank icon to start a new form.

    Blank Google form
    Click on the blank icon.

  3. To convert your Google Form into a quiz, go to the Settings tab at the top of the page.

    Settings tab
    Go to the Settings tab.

  4. At the top, you will see the option to Make this a quiz. Slide the toggle to the right to make your form a quiz.

    Convert form to quiz
    Move the slider to right.

  5. Once your form has been converted into a quiz, you will have access to additional settings. Scroll down to the ‘Make this a quiz section” to see the options available.The additional options allow you to:
    • Display total points or individual points to respondents.
    • Mention questions that were answered incorrectly.
    • Show correct answers to respondents after the release of grades. 
    • Manage time to release marks.
    • Sssign points to each question from the “default question value” option.
  6. Next, go to the Questions tab and add a title and description for your quiz.

    Title and description.
    Add title and description.

  7. Enter the first question in the “Untitled Question” bar and select the format of the question.
    Add question
    Add a question.

    In the drop-down menu, you can select the type of questions. Quizzes often include multiple-choice questions, short answers, or checkboxes. In the menu, you can also choose to allow respondents to upload files.

    Answer format
    Select answer format.

  8. Using the Anwer key button can add an answer key to each question to assign points to them. 
    Answer key
    Assign answers to each question.

    Answer key lets you mark the correct option so the respondents will know the right answers when they submit their forms.

    Answer key
    Mark the correct answer and assign points to each question.

  9. Clicking the Answer key button brings up another option to Add answer feedback. This setting allows you to give feedback to the respondents based on their answers.
    Add feedback option
    Set feedback for respondents.

    Add feedback for correct or incorrect answers.

  10. From the vertical menu at the right of the page, you can add images and videos to your questions.
    Add pictures and videos.
    Insert visuals to your questions from the options.
  11. Click on the plus icon in the floating menu on the right of the page to add more questions to your quiz.

    Add an other question.
    Click here to add more questions.

  12. Click the Send button in the top right corner of the screen once you have finished creating your quiz.

    Send quiz
    Send the quiz.

  13. You can send a quiz via email, a shared link, or social media like Facebook and Twitter.

    Share form
    Choose how to send your Quiz.

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