How to Create a QR Code for a Google Form

As an alternative to sharing links to your Google Form, you can ask users to simply scan QR codes to access your form. This is a great way to increase engagement and response rate. Follow these steps to generate a QR code for a Google form.

Generating QR Code through a Workspace Add-on

  1. To generate the QR code, you need to create a Google form first.
  2. Then, go to Google Workspace Marketplace and install the QR Code Generator add-on.

    Install QR code generator
    Click on the install icon here.

  3. Allow access to the QR Code Generator to your Google account with which you have created the form.

    Permission to access account
    Allow QR code generator to access Google account.

  4. Refresh your existing form. An Add-ons icon will now be visible at the top of the page.

    Add-ons icon
    An Add-ons icon will appear.

  5. Click on the icon and select the QR Code Generator option from the list.

    QR code generator option
    Select the option to generate the QR code.

  6. The QR Code Generator lets you edit the code as you want. You can customize the label’s size, font, background color, etc.

    Edit QR code
    Edit QR code to make it unique.

  7. After editing, copy the QR code to the clipboard and paste it directly into the email message field or Google Docs to share.

Note: This tool allows you to generate 15 QR codes for free. Alternatively, you can use another QR code generator or subscribe to their premium plan.

Generating QR Code Online

  1. Create your Google form and click on the send button.

    Send Google form
    Click on the send button.

  2. You can shorten your form URL by clicking on the Shorten URL checkbox.

    Shorten URL
    Reduce the length of the link generated.

  3. Paste the URL into an online QR code generator. Here, we are going to use QRTIGER as an example.
  4. Enter the URL in the provided field and choose whether to generate a static or dynamic QR code.
    Note: You can’t change the destination URL or track the data of a static QR code. In contrast, dynamic QR codes allow you to track data and customize your URL at any time.

    static or dynamic QR code
    Select to generate either static or dynamic QR code.

  5. Click on the Generate QR code button to get your code.
  6. Next, you can change your QR code with numerous options available.

    Edit the code
    Customize your QR code.

  7. Download your unique QR code by selecting any of the options available below. You’ll first have to register for a (free) account on the QRTIGER website.

    Download QR code
    Select to download the QR code of any quality.

  8. Instead, you can receive the QR code directly to your email without signing up.

    Email QR code
    Get your QR code directly via email.

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