How to Change Your Email on Etsy

All important notifications associated with Etsy, such as orders, payments, and updates, are sent to your email address. Etsy makes it convenient for buyers and sellers to change their email address.

Things you need to know before changing your email on Etsy

  1. You can only change your email address on the website (not the app).
  2. You must wait 24 hours to change a recently changed email address to a new one.
  3. An email address can be attached to only one Etsy account.
  4. Closing an account doesn’t free up the email address. If you want to use an email address attached to a closed account for your live account, you need to reopen the closed account and replace its email address. Then you’ll be able to use that email address for the live account since it’s no longer attached to any other Etsy account.
  5. If you use PayPal to accept payments from Etsy, you’ll need to change your PayPal email separately from your Etsy account email.

How to change your email on Etsy

  1. Go to and click on Sign in.

    Sign in on Etsy homepage
    Click Sign in.

  2. Click on the Your account icon.

    Your account on Etsy
    Click Your account.

  3. Select Account settings from the dropdown.

    Account Settings on Etsy Homepage
    Account Settings on Etsy Homepage

  4. Scroll down and go to the Email section.

    Email section
    Scroll to the Email section.

  5. Enter your New email in the Change your email form. Confirm your new email and enter your password.

    New email in the Change your email section
    Enter your new email, confirm it, then confirm your password.

  6. Click Change Email.

    Click Change Email
    Click Change Email.

  7. A popup will ask you to enter a security code. You should receive this code in your current email.
  8. Select Submit after entering the security code.

    Submit button
    Enter the security code and click Submit.

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