How to Add Grammarly to Outlook

Grammarly is a grammar-checking tool that helps you correct mistakes such as spelling and punctuation. It can be used within Outlook to correct errors in your emails, making them more professional.

Both the free and premium versions of Grammarly work well with Outlook, whether you’re using Microsoft 365 or on your browser. Follow this guide to add Grammarly to Outlook.

Adding Grammarly to the Outlook Desktop App

First, you must install the Grammarly desktop application, then integrate it into the Outlook app.

Installing Grammarly on desktop

  1. Go to and click Log in.

    Log In Button on Grammarly Website
    Click on the Log in button.

  2. If you don’t have a Grammarly account, click I don’t have an account to sign up.
    I Don't Have an Account Button in Grammarly Sign In Page
    Select I don’t have an account to create a Grammarly account.
    Sign Up Options on Grammarly Sign Up Page
    Sign up using your preferred method.

    Alternatively, Sign in to your account.

    Sign In Options on Grammarly Sign In Page
    Sign in to Grammarly.

  3. After signing in, you will be directed to the Grammarly web app. Go to Apps on the left sidebar.

    Apps Option in Grammarly Web App
    Select Apps.

  4. Click Install next to “Grammarly for Windows”. This automatically downloads the Grammarly desktop app.

    Install Button for Grammarly for Windows
    Click the Install button.

  5. Once the download has finished, launch GrammarlyInstaller.exe.

    Grammarly Installer Downloaded File
    Click on the downloaded file.

  6. Click on Sign in to existing account. This will open a window in your browser. Select Continue to Grammarly.
    Sign In to Existing Account Button on Grammarly Desktop App
    Select Sign in to existing account.

    Continue to Grammarly Button on Browser
    Click Continue to Grammarly.

  7. On the Grammarly desktop app, select Next.
    Next Button on Grammarly Desktop App
    Click on the Next button.
  8. Select if you want the free or premium version of Grammarly.

    Grammarly Version Options
    Select the Grammarly version to install.

  9. Finally, click Start using Grammarly to finish the installation.

    Start Using Grammarly Button
    Click on Start using Grammarly.

Using Grammarly in the Outlook Desktop App

  1. Launch the Outlook desktop app and select New Email.

    New Email Button in Outlook Desktop
    Select New Email.

  2. Compose your email as usual. You will notice a floating icon on the right of the email field, indicating that Grammarly is actively checking your text.

    Grammarly Floating Icon on Outlook Desktop App
    Write your email. The Grammarly icon will float on the right.

Adding Grammarly to on the Browser

To use Grammarly in your browser, you must download the Grammarly extension.

  1. Sign in to using your preferred browser.
    Log In Button on Grammarly Website
    Click on the Log in button.
  2. Go to Apps on the left side of the page.

    Apps Option in Grammarly Web App
    Select Apps.

  3. Click on the Install button next to “Grammarly for Chrome” – the option displayed here will depend on your browser.

    Install Button for Grammarly for Chrome
    Click the Install button.

  4. In the newly opened tab, click Add to Chrome.

    Grammarly Add to Chrome Button on Chrome Web Store
    Click the Add to Chrome button.

  5. Select Add extension on the pop-up window. This will automatically install the Grammarly extension on your Chrome browser.

    Add Extension Button on Pop Up
    Click on the Add extension button.

  6. To check if the extension was installed, click the Extension icon on the top right of the page. You will see Grammarly listed there.

    Chrome Extensions List
    Select the Extensions icon to see the Grammarly extension.

Using Grammarly on

  1. Sign in to on the browser that you installed the extension in. Create a new email by clicking New message.

    New Message Button in Outlook Web
    Click on New message.

  2. Type your email as you usually would. You will see the Grammarly icon on the bottom-right corner of the text field.

    Grammarly Floating Icon on Outlook Web App
    Write your email. The Grammarly floating icon will appear on the bottom-right of the field.

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